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Regular Season Extended
As you are all painfully aware, this season has been exceptionally challenging from a weather perspective. Several area tournaments have been rained out, countless regular season games lost, and we're rapidly running out of time to get games in as some areas lose fields altogether as we get into July. With all that in mind, our Board of Directors, in conjunction with our member associations, have decided to make the following adjustments to our original plan: 1. The end-of-season-tournament will be abandoned this season. With such an imbalance in the number of games played it would be difficult to fairly seed the teams, and we'd end up burning scarce field resources when we could instead leverage those fields to get as many regular season games in as possible. 2. Regular season play will be extended through Friday, July 9th. We'll make every attempt to get in the games slated on the original schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Lisa Trione, our area scheduler at (720)648.2176. Thank you. BOD.
Field Status
Alameda HS Batting Cages - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Green Gables (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Green Gables Park - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Lakewood Link AL - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Link (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
O'Connell North (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
O'Connell South (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
On Deck--Indoor Facility - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Ray Ross 1 (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Ray Ross 2 (Prac.) - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Ray Ross Park # 1 - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Ray Ross Park # 2 - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Ray Ross Park # 3 - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
Stein Elementary - Lakewood OPEN (9/3) 
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